Corporate Social Responsibility

​The Şişecam Group prioritizes its social responsibility projects in the areas of environment, sports, culture & art and education in order to contribute and add value to the community as a requisite of being a corporate citizen of the countries where the group acts.

The “Glass is Glass Again” Project

The "Glass is Glass Again" Project – one of the most comprehensive sustainability and social responsibility projects in Turkey

Launched in 2011 by Şişecam Glass Packaging in collaboration with the ÇEVKO Foundation and local authorities, the “Glass is Glass Again” project is one of the most comprehensive sustainability and social responsibility projects in Turkey. Aiming to create change in social behavior and support the transition to a recycling society, the project has three primary objectives:

  • Creating awareness and informing society about recycling glass packaging,
  • Improving the infrastructure for collecting glass packaging waste,
  • Streamlining the facilities where glass packaging waste is collected and processed, and separating glass packaging waste found in household waste prior to storage.

Glass is a packaging material that can be 100 percent recycled without loss in quality. For example, one recycled glass bottle is enough to produce one new glass bottle.

Recycling one glass bottle saves enough energy for a computer to run for 25 minutes and a television for 20 minutes. Using cullets in glass production at a level of 10% makes it possible to save 21% in raw materials and 2.5% in energy, and to decrease carbon emissions by 5%.

As part of the project, over 200,000 primary school students have received an education in recycling since 2011; approximately 12,000 glass banks have been donated and 550,000 tons of glass packaging waste have been recycled. The resulting reduction in carbon emissions equals 200,000 cars taken off the roads, and the amount of energy saved was enough to meet the heating and hot water needs of 23,000 households. In addition, Şişecam Glass Packaging collaborated with 130 district municipalities in 21 provinces in order to create social awareness, improve the infrastructure for collection, and streamline facilities for glass recycling.

Community Projects in Russia

Our key areas of concern are wellbeing of school students and nursery school children. Corporate initiatives to benefit the community and the general public include charitable contributions and involvement in regional community education.