Şişecam and the Şişecam Glass Packaging Group are among the leaders of research and development in Turkey. They continuously invest significantly in technology and innovation in line with their aim of extending their high-quality product range, decreasing energy consumption, and increasing energy efficiency and the recycling of waste materials.

The Şişecam Glass Packaging Group focuses on making all of its processes and work applications such as forming, tempering, quality control, and packaging processes more efficient, high quality, and environment-friendly; its aim is to continually develop and improve all its products, from newly designed products with new functions to standard products.

The following projects are being continued:

Lighter products

One of the focus points for the Şişecam Glass Packaging Group is to make glass packaging products lighter while increasing their strength, so that the inputs and emissions of the production process will decrease. One of the applications for making products lighter is the New Forming System (NFS) technology, which preserves durability while having a positive effect on production costs by saving on raw materials and energy. Thanks to technologies that make it possible to make glass packaging products 25 to 28 percent lighter without diminishing their shock absorption values, it is now possible to have “ultralight” products.

Using polymeric coating to give new properties to glass packaging products

Supported by TÜBİTAK, this project aims to create new glass packaging products through the use of polymeric coating, and to increase durability and improve surface properties of products.

Antibacterial glass packaging products

Glass is by nature a material that does not interact with its contents and is impermeable with regards to oxygen. This prevents the decomposition of the contents inside the glass packaging and helps maintain its original freshness. One of the projects aimed at creating new and functional properties the of the Şişecam Glass Packaging Group is their antibacterial quality. This aims at extending the shelf life of products in glass packaging.

Innovation Headlines In Russia

We are able to produce different rare colors with the help of special coloring agents. Usually it is applied to blue color. Most common colors are cobalt blue, marryland blue, turqoise light blue and sky blue . Dark or light alternatives are available.

On the other hand different green, gray, brown color tones can be produced by forehearth coloring. For example georgia green is another common color prefered by the market.


Sleeves are thin plastic films with decoration that is providing different effects.

We can apply any sleeve to your glass bottle. Usually customer provides the sleeve and we apply it.

Decoration Painting Line:

We have the capability to paint the bottles with different colors. Organic paint sprey system gives mat, satin, gloss surfaces.

Thermochromic paints are used to give different color to the glass, depending on temperature.for example a bottle can be blue in the refrigerator at +4 degrees , but flint at the room temperature at +20 degress celcius.

Phosphoruc paints can be used to give effect at dark areas.

3D Bottle Design and Exclusive Products:

We are able to design bottles with 3D techology, 3D printed sample is also available on request.

Nonround bottles and jars with corners, difficult shapes like rectangler can be produced. Sharp shoulders can be designed according to customers requests.

Thick bottom , different finishes and high push-up alternatives are available.

Your logo can be put on the shoulder , at the body or bottom. Emboss and engrave alternatives can be applied.

Basic bottles can be changed from blow blow to narrow neck pres blow technology and this lightweighting is important for ecological footprint. Energy and transportation expenses can be reducible.

Working Flexible:

Three different colors can be worked in our factories. Main colors are flint , amber , emerald green and olive green. These colors can be worked at the different locations and necessary color changes can be realized according to market demand.

Solution Partners:

  • AGR (When necessary, for bottle design analyze, breakage analyze etc)
  • Vertech (Industrial control system design and integration)
  • SAP
  • Flexible Packaging Standard Applications:

    Different alternatives can be applied as packaging standard according to th customers needs or requests:

    • ​Euro, standard or USA pallet
    • Carton or plastic layer / tray
    • Horizontal or vertical strap
    • Different number of rows
    • Different polietilen thickness according to distance or request

    Factory Quality Laboratories and Chemical Laboratories:

    Factory quality laboratories are equipped with high and latest technology. They are able to do all kind of analyzes.

    Factory Chemical Laboratories uses fastest and reliable methods. They use special chemical agents to get best result.

    Following Latest Technology for Production and Control Machines:

    There are specific Technologies which are developed by production and control machine manufactures. Ruscam observes and follows these improvements and gets the necessary ones.

    For example high technology control cameras enables better quality control.High speed, high resolution and high sensivity properties of cameras eliminates defects.